Why look elsewhere for something right next to you?

reveil-sonyMany times we look far away for something that’s in reality very nearby. This isn’t a new saying, but I remembered it while lying in bed, staring blankly at the portrait of my ex-wife… which unfortunately I’d forgotten about during the divorce.

While I’d looked everywhere to remove all traces of my old wife, I’d forgotten the closest place to me, namely my bedroom and my bed. The portrait was indeed hanging from the wall above my bed. I then made an analogy with BIBIspy, my spy program that I install in each of my cell phones in order to save my text messages, phone calls, emails, photos, and even the GPS positions I pass through. I thought to myself the following:

The objects closest to us give us away

With BIBIspy, you intend to remove all traces of your passage or your confidential information, without realizing that ultimately they’re being monitored by the closest object to you, one that is very personal; that is, your mobile phone! While we’re looking to erase the trail of our passage or when we’re searching for something, we often forget the place right under our nose in our everyday life.

And it’s exactly this kind of place that gives us away. In this way, BIBIspy is an add-on that really plays its part and knows how to hit where it hurts: it hides in the heart of the most used object by young people today and reports all the actions of the people who are the most dependent on it who thus have the least sense to watch out for it. (See also Are we all spies in our daily life ?)

BIBIspy, Russian spy style

objectif-cameraBecoming indispensable and thus beyond suspicion: such is the goal sought by any spy, either software or human. A spy will never be suspected if he’s part of your daily life: why do you think the Russian spies got recruited by the FBI and other companies they wanted to spy on? They blended into the background and so gained two advantages:

  • 1 – They didn’t draw suspicion since they were part of the organization
  • 2 – As part of the employees, they could acquire all the more interesting information and secrets

BIBIspy acts in the same way in the targeted individual’s cellphone: it collects private information and at the same time draws no suspicion. It just goes to show you that it’s easy for two spies to understand each other!