We often aren’t familiar with our rights; yet it’s important to be because it often conditions our actions in our everyday life. For example, in cases where our cellphone is stolen, we don’t always know how to react or what to do. Let’s examine what to do a little bit.

1. Block your phone line through your service provider

This can be done by phone if you have an emergency line. Generally, depending on the providers, you have to call their customer services and give them your account number (often accompanied by a password). But this can also be done on the internet, on the provider’s website, or in person in their shop.


2. You’ll be asked for the devices IMEI number

It’s up to you to take note of this number beforehand so you can give it in case of theft. It’s written under the device’s battery, but you can also learn it simply by typing the following code on your keypad:


Thanks to this number, your provider will be able to block the line and deactivate the phone.

3. Contact your insurance company

I’m talking about the phone’s insurance policy, if you took one out. As a general rule, you only have 48 hours to do it. The costs pertaining to this theft should be completely refunded.

4. Ask for a new SIM card

Make this request in person in a telephone store. You’ll have to put this new SIM card in a new phone that you’ll have to buy (or will be refunded for you). Very often, as part of replacing your smartphone, you’ll enjoy favorable terms .

If you request it by mail, you’ll have to wait at least 72 hours before getting it in your mailbox. Once received, you’ll be asked to choose your SIM card’s personal PIN code in order to prevent piracy.

5. File a complaint

The complaint filing can be done at a police station. It’s advised to supply the officer with the device’s IMEI number. When the police report is sent to the insurer (often through the complaint filing form given to you), the indication of the IMEI number is a lifeline that allows the phone line to be blocked. (See : How to report a lost or stolen mobile device)

6. For owners of the BIBIspy application

If you are the happy owner of the mobile application BIBIspy and you’ve taken the care to install it on your phone beforehand, you should be able to find it fast, since this program was designed precisely to deal with this sort of robbery, thanks notably to an alarm system and a device locating system (see my previous article).