In this article, let’s take inventory of the different functions of the application “BibiSpy,” allowing total surveillance of a compatible cellphone or smartphone.

Photograph tracking

I’m talking about the photos on the device; they can be backed up on a server that only you can access.

URL tracking

This is the internet browsing history done on the phone. As a reminder, BibiSpy works on smartphones that get internet. You’ll have a summary of all the sites the phone’s browser goes to.

Email tracking

BibiSpy tracks incoming and outgoing emails.

Phonebook access

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Backing up all the smartphone’s phone numbers and caller IDs proves itself useful and acts as a life preserver for anything in the device’s memory.

GPS location tracking

This tracker lets you know the device’s position by way of the famous Google Maps program.

Text mesage tracking

Once again you’ll know the content of written messages either sent or received by the device. The messages are stocked one by one on your secure online account, and will be saved even if they’re deleted from the phone.

Phone call tracking

This includes the phone numbers called and calling, as well as the frequency of the calls, their duration, and the speaking person’s called ID, if he’s recorded in the smartphone’s memory.

Listening to calls (PRO version of BibiSpy)

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This function is reserved for the PRO version of BibiSpy and lets you hear what they’re saying.

Listening to the background (PRO version of BibiSpy)

This function, again reserved for the PRO version, entails being able to listen to what’s being said in proximity of the phone; in other words, conversations and other noises, even if they’re not about the phone call.

BibiSpy support

Support for the BibiSpy app was developed even more recently, allowing personalized responses at all times, by email or even by video conference. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

How to use BibiSpy in our daily lives?

BibiSpy is not only espionage software :

1/ First point

The fact that we are interested in a subject doesn’t mean we’re limited to it. While the field of telecommunications is recurring on this blog and this is what interests readers, this is a varied site that includes monitoring by SMS or by phone, but also other topics drawing our curiosity.

2/ Second point

BibiSpy is an espionage software, but that doesn’t mean it is illegal.

First, nothing prevents a business leader from including in the contract with his employees, a clause informing them that the company phone will be traced and followed with their agreement. Using BibiSpy, the entrepreneur will be able to reap:

  • Girl pleasure1. Lists of calls of his/her employees (times, numbers called, calling numbers, usernames of individuals)


  • 2. All contents of exchanged SMS


  • 3. Photos in the camera


  • 4. GPS position of his/her employees


  • 5. And in some cases, the emails and even the history of their internet browsing if they use a smartphone to go on the web


But I can also see the use that can be done by a BibiSpy average user, even if he/she is alone and wants to use it for his/her personal use:

  • 1. First, BibiSpy acts as backup since your SMS, contacts, phonebook, emails, most of the contents on your smartphone will be duplicated on a server for you. You can inspect the data whenever you want, from any computer.


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  • 3. By logging into your online BibiSpy account, you can review your call log and telephone exchanges and read statistics and scores.


  • 4. You can save your SMS, even if they are deleted on your phone


3/ Conclusion

The BibiSpy principle is simple:

This is a small, cheap application (29 dollars / month), slight and undetectable, that you must install on your smartphone. It then sends real-time data from your phone to a server that will be available online by entering your username and password on the BibiSpy site. You will have access to records and follow them on your device.

Feel free to subsequently delete such data, or read the archive.

No limit to this application: you can install it on as many phones as you want, at will. This application is a must in this age where security becomes an obsession for all of us.

==> To download it, visit the official website in English here <==