Find a cell phone

We explained in the following test: “the best spyware for cellphones“, the functionalities of BIBIspy, the espionage software that enables remote monitoring of a mobile phone or smartphone. And now we explain HOW this software can be helpful in our everyday life.

Some people, who download the phone application, sometimes want to monitor their elderly parents who may become dangerous to themselves or others:

  • – either because of their diseases (Alzheimer)
  • – either because of a tendency to run away or get lost
  • – or because of repeated attacks against them by malicious people taking advantage of their weakness.

  1. Protect,
  2. monitor,
  3. back up your phone information:

all this is possible with the BIBIspy application I present here. With this espionage software, you receive the text messages and the tracking of phone calls, not to mention photos and emails.

But there is another function, which is sometimes overlooked, yet extremely useful and what makes BIBIspy famous: I mean the ability to locate a mobile.

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==> Visit the official application webpage <==

Looking to locate a cell phone?

BIBIspy allows you to do this very easily, wherever the phone is, around the world. Follow the guide in simple steps:

  • 1/ Download the application directly on the phone you want to locate. Once the installation is done, you don’t have to worry about losing the phone, and even if it gets stolen, you will always find it!
  • 2/ Log into the BIBIspy site from any computer, wherever you are
  • 3/ You can then see, one by one, the towns which the cell phone went through: the places it goes, and where it stops.
  • 4/ You can, at regular hours, be constantly aware of where it is!

I made a description of the site’s interface. As you know, the « GPS » refers to the follow-up of the phone from space. This GPS function, included in every smartphone, provides access to its position from your PC!

Locate a mobile phone

Google Maps at your service

The location of the smartphone will be released at regular intervals. With the GPS tool and Google Maps, you can even zoom in and out at will. If lost or stolen, you can easily locate your mobile. Following the phone remotely becomes a breeze:

  • Goodbye to your anxiety
  • Goodbye to your fear of misplacing your new iPhone.
  • Good luck to the unfortunate individual who will have your phone, since it will be quickly found.

To locate a mobile with the espionage software BIBIspy, while enjoying its many other functions, click below: