At a certain age, it’s hard to be sure whether or not your partner still loves you

  • Especially when it’s a remarriage
  • Especially when there’s an age difference
  • Especially when you’re tired from having searched your whole life without finding true love

Two conclusions result

  • 1) True love doesn’t exist, it’s a goal we run after but never reach
  • 2) We must live in doubt and take what we’re given without constantly looking for perfection
  • 3) Money, in some cases, allows us to take huge shortcuts without which we would need years to reach the same goal

A mural on love

In this sense age isn’t always a handicap: at 50 years and over, it’s not uncommon that the person has a small nest egg that assures him a woman’s love.


Traveling, for example, allows you to strengthen your hearts and draw closer to your partner. When facing uncertainty, think about escaping to an exotic locale with your sweetheart. Also arrange it so you find yourself person-to-person with her.

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BIBIspy is an application for portable phones that you install like an app, that becomes undetectable, and lets you have a copy of everything that passes through that phone. When BIBIspy is installed on the couple’s phone wih all members of the family’s permission, this program allows you to know all conversations had, text messages exchanged, the users’ geolocations- in short, to have an eye on all the members of the tribe. This tool is very useful in my opinion (official website here).Logo BIBIspy


At 50, we’re old enough to have learned:

  1. how to be patient
  2. how to take care of our wife
  3. that running away does nothing
  4. that passion can be maintained in the long run and little special touches every day let you maintain the passion.

In the end, age isn’t a fault when it comes to love. On the contrary. In a time when many young people live in disorder and emotional nothingness, calm and knowledge can make a big difference when it comes to seducing a woman.

How my ex-wife wanted to make me admit the truth

My ex-wife, I remember, tried to get me drunk so she could snoop on my actions and know everything about my double life.

I remember that day like it was yesterday: she’d prepared a romantic dinner for me at home, based around my favorite champagne, Lanson de Reims wine (France), extra aged and dry. Far be it from me to advertise alcohol, and I’ll add that abuse of alcohol is bad for your health. But my ex-wife had assimilated this weakness very well and she tried to use it to make me ramble on.

She was simply looking to know if I had a mistress. After having gotten me drunk with champagne, she spoke to me in her unctuous voice, asking me questions like:

  • “Does she cuddle better than me?”
  • “Do you have nicknames for each other?”
  • “Where do you meet up?”
  • “Is she better than me?”

She was pressing me and for my part, with my head in the clouds, I couldn’t manage to either concentrate or resist. And yet, I well and truly resisted, who knows how.

Alcohol and gps plotter

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As said Debasish Mridha :

“If you want to get drunk, get drunk with love.”


Conversely, if these ancient techniques can’t manage to draw out the truth, a spy program like BIBIspy installs itself in cell phones and faithfully reports all of someone’s phone activity. Two details for this:

  • The phone needs to be connected to the internet
  • For the installation to be legal, you should ask the user’s permission to be monitored.

Champagne, after all, was used by my ex in the same way as any other tool: she used it to get to the truth like others use other more or less similar means.

What counted, for her, was managing to unveil the other side of my personality. With BIBIspy, when you know the times of the individual’s communications, the caller IDs of the people he’s speaking with, the texts he exchanges, and even his GPS position, it’s difficult not to become intimate with him.

That doesn’t change the fact that a good champagne is all the same much more enjoyable than a phone application…