BIBIspy software introduction

1/ Remotely track a cellphone’s activity

How do you go about tracking a cellphone’s activity?

  • No need to get a hold of a “spy” cellphone.
  • No need to hide a microphone or whatever else either.

It’s a simple method: once you have a compatible cellphone (make sure by going to the compatible phones page), you just have to make yourself a BIBIspy account, take the cellphone, go on the internet, and download an app onto it.

A spyware for cellphones lost in the grass

This spyware for cellphones becomes a background process and records the following phone info:

  • 1. text messages
  • 2. phone calls (yo can record them if you opt for the PRO version; the normal version gives you the caller ID, number, date, and time of the call)
  • 3. the GPS signal
  • 4. photos, emails, and browsing history
  • 5. phone book contents
  • 6. photos taken by the device

2/ What operating systems are compatible with BIBIspy ?

  1. BlackBerry
  2. Android
  3. Symbian
  4. Windows Mobile
  5. iPhone
  6. iPad
  7. Android touchscreen tablet

User instructions

After installing this mobile app on whatever phone you own (depending on your country’s legislation, you’ll either need to ask permission from the person using it, so you don’t install it on the phone of someone unaware he’s being listened to, or you’ll need to approach a lawyer for any questions concerning privacy), you can do monitoring and examine what the individual is doing with the device.

BIBIspy is most often used to monitor the conversations:

  • of family members
  • of employees
  • of elderly or frail people
  • of children

Texting keyboard smartphone

When creating your account, you’ll receive a username and password.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can forget about it!

On your personal computer, you just have to go to your account and enter your username and password, and then you’ll have access to the charts summarizing all the phone’s activity, all remotely!

1- However, two things to take into account:

1) You have to wait 24 hours before text recording activates (this time varies depending on the phone)

2) After the spyware for cellphones is installed, you’re asked to restart the cellphone.

So you need to know the phone’s PIN number, without which it’s impossible to restart!

2- BIBIspy’s usefulness

There are actually multiple uses:

  1. As parents, we can’t help but worry about the suspicious friends our children sometimes have.
  2. As employers, we want to be able to make sure the money spent on our mobile phone plans aren’t being wasted on personal interests or games.

In the past, it was hard to get this information. For us, entrusting our children or employees with cellphones isn’t always optional, even if they’re GSM mobile phones that we pay a high price for with our own money.

Even if you manage to get your hands on that mobile device, there’s a good chance it’s password protected, or the information you’re looking for has been erased. In the end, that’s not how you’ll attain truly reliable information.

3- BIBIspy is an app specially designed for hidden surveillance

As such, it offers professional features at an affordable price, which figure among the most comprehensive on the market, all without a subscription. An example from the photo recording feature :

BIBIspy offers, among other things, the possibility to record photos taken by the phone. This may seem like a secondary feature, but when you use it you realize that you can reliably track the monitored person’s route this way.

Young teenagers, primarily, tend to snap photos of everything around them, as well as their friends. You’ll have access to what they take photos of. BIBIspy thus lets you “travel” with them and constantly keep an eye on the company they’re keeping.

Children listen and trendy

Here’s what the summary chart for photos looks like – Faces have been blurred for the sake of privacy :

How do you access this information?

This is how BIBIspy lets you keep a keen eye on your child or employee, and this in your free time. You access this information from any internet browser:

  • a computer
  • another smartphone
  • a tablet

Basically, you just have to connect to the internet to access your charts. Texts and call recordings are at your disposal anywhere, but they’re only kept on the server for 10 days before being replaced by more recent conversations and texts.

BIBIspy’ technical features

1- Call monitoring

See what numbers are dialed by your children or employees: those they’ve called and those that have called them. You’ll know how many calls were made for each number, at what times, and how long they lasted.

Likewise, if the number is recorded in the phone book, you’ll also know the person’s name.

2- Text monitoring

You can read all sent and received messages on the phone.

Texts are recorded on your BIBIspy account when they’re sent, which makes it so you can read them EVEN IF the owner of the phone deletes them.

3- GPS signal monitoring

You can track the phone’s exact position using Google Maps. Check to see if junior is actually at the library, or if your employee is really working. This geolocation refreshes every hour at regular intervals.

4- Access to the phone book

BIBIspy lets you see which phone numbers are recorded in the phone’s memory, as well as the name and identity of the corresponding people.


5- Spy on photos

BIBIspy brings you the photos the phone sends and receives and copies them onto a web server, so you can view them privately (see ).

6- Track internet browsing

BIBIspy records the internet URLs the user visits on his smartphone… A summary of visited sites is thus available.

7- Track Emails

BIBIspy fulfills its role as a cellphone spy by tracking and recording incoming and outgoing emails.

8- Record speech

BIBIspy is now offered in a “PRO version”, which, in addition to the pevious features, lets you record phone calls.

You can listen to what’s being said during conversations, but you can also activate “background listening”, which includes the sounds and discussions around the phone, sort of like what a microphone or a voice recorder might do.

Everyday, the NSA is spying on you at all times through your cell phone, for proof this video :

BIBIspy is here


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