As a father of two children, I hesitate to give a cellphone to my older daughter. By that I mean a smartphone, those new generation phones that kids use to surf the internet, communicate with their friends on Facebook, and send each other texts.

Why do I hesitate?

  • – On the one hand, because they don’t give me the internet fees.
  • – But above all because this poses a security problem for my daughter and a problem of conscience for me.

Indeed, we’re always afraid that our daughter is meeting dangerous people through this means of communication and that she’s getting led into situations that are over her head. And at noon today on the news I saw an overflow of bad behavior that took place in the Netherlands, following a party thrown by a young girl on Facebook. The invitation was relayed until a project X was being organized by ill-intentioned people. A project X is a gathering of young people who want to to overrun the authorities.

daughter picture 1

If my daughter becomes a victim of dangerous circumstances caused by her smartphone, won’t I feel responsible for having put such a device in her hands?

That’s why the phone application BIBIspy puts my mind at rest.

BIBIspy is an app for installation on the smartphone in question. Once installed, it becomes invisible and discreetly relays to my account:

  • 1. texts exchanged by my daughter
  • 2. her phone conversations
  • 3. call monitoring info (caller ID’s, length of calls, frequency, times, etc.)
  • 4. her emails and web addresses
  • 5. her photos, etc.

This application is compatible with all operating systems: Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. The list of compatible phone models is well established, and gradually gets longer with new releases.

This application reassures me because equipped with this protection, I’ll be able to follow my daughter’s connections and the veracity of her claims. The success of BIBIspy is increasing more and more, maybe precisely because society is pushing us to be more and more cautious.

If you’re interested in this application, click here.

Keeping your children away from erotic pictures and text messages

Prior to 2014, it was commonplace to believe (as validated by studies and other surveys) that phone sex, or sending sexually explicit texts, touched only 10-15% of our teens. Today, however, we find that it is an underestimation and that 25 % of our children are involved, that is, 1 out of every 4 children.

Phone sex seems to have become an regular game: to entertain oneself, to flirt or to irritate someone, we send him/her pornographic images, or sometimes, nude pictures of oneself..This game, inevitably, goes out of control quickly.

1. Only 33% of children are aware of the legal implications.

daughter picture 2

I wish to talk about the legal implications of sending sexually explicit text messages. Receiving nude photographs is shocking, prohibited in many countries, and more offensive when directed at underage children. When nude pictures of underage children are circulated, the sender runs the risk of imprisonment, especially in our times, when cases of pedophilia get huge media coverage.

2. 30 % of young people re-circulate these pictures.

A quarter of people, those over 18 or underage, have the unfortunate reflex of re-circulating the pictures as soon as they receive them, thus sharing the text message or email to their acquaintances.

Such incivility is reproduced repeatedly, without end, to finally escape from the control of the first sender.

Imagine the picture of your naked child being circulated to all your friends in your repertoire!

3. Who poses for these nude pictures?

The sender of the text message does not always feature in the nude photo. Sometimes, they can indeed click a nude picture of themselves or of a bare body part. But in other circumstances, s/he can also send ‘pirated’ or ‘stolen’ pictures from public domains or from the internet.

4. What is the girl/boy distribution?

I tend to think that girls are more likely to pose for a nude picture of themselves in the eyes of their own camera lenses.

  1. • For wanting to please?
  2. • For wanting to evoke envy?
  3. • For pure provocation?
  4. • To test themselves?
  5. • To see how far they can go?

Whichever the reason, no reliable study has been able to confirm this hypothesis, and it is clear that young boys can equally capture pictures of themselves in intimate poses.

5. 25 % of adolescents have already done it.

25 % of them admit having sent a dirty text via their phone.

BIBIspy, precisely, is a discrete and invisible application installed on a phone such that it can be tracked. While the application operates in the background, you can connect yourself to the internet to view the photographs on the phone, read the text messages and even listen to the exchanges.

BIBIspy is compatible with most smartphones. Used in settlement with the laws of your country (see page legislation), it can be a good way to track your teen in case of misuse.

Which solution to protect your children?

  • 1. Directly inform your child that you are monitoring his/her texts and that if you catch sexually explicit images and text messages, you will seize the phone.
  • 2. Clearly set down your rules, especially those concerning sending images, of any kind, to contacts.
  • 3. If you see that the text messages happen to infringe your rules, BIBIspy will indicate at what time the text messages have been sent and to whom.
  • 4. Does an underage child absolutely need a high resolution smartphone? High resolution is one of the tools that enhance the experience of viewing erotic images.

These few reflections should help you to eliminate the problem.