Bibi Spy: Find and protect a stolen cellphone

With the innumerable technological advances of smartphones, our phones are increasing in value and becoming essential parts of our lives:

  • they’re used in communication
  • but now they’re encroaching on tasks formerly reserved for computers

Getting our cellphone stolen is getting part of our confidential information, part of our identity, stolen. Information such as:

  • credit/debit cards
  • banking details on the phone
  • personal images
  • personal videos
  • usernames and passwords on social networks

… are just as much tools that allow a thief to damage our reputation. Nowadays it’s becoming important to make efforts to protect our private lives from these types of thieves.

That’s where Bibi Spy comes in: a simple application you install on your smartphone and that acts like an antitheft toolbox, safeguarding your information against any fraudulent intrusion attempt. Bibi Spy works on Android but also on iPhone and any new generation smartphone, distancing your information from every risk.

Bibi Spy includes, for instance, protection from any system modification, the tracking of your information, the tracking of your GPS location, an alarm system, and much more.

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Bibi Spy is easy to use and configure, you don’t need any specific tech experience for this application.

  • It’s compatible with smartphones and Java based phones
  • It comes with a 60 day warranty
  • It has 24-hour technical support
  • Bibi Spy notifies you if your SIM card is changed and sends you an email with the new SIM card’s number
  • It’s protected from deinstallation, preventing the software from being deleted without your permission.


  • Bibi Spy requires a constant connection to the internet in order to be able to function 24 hours a day.
  • iPhones have to be jailbroken before they can use Bibi Spy

Other functions

A virtual lock

The lock function lets you remotely lock your phone whenever you wish. You just have to send a text to your phone through your Bibi Spy account that you’ll have created online, and a special PIN number will be required to be able to use the the phone. It’s a code that only you will know, different from the PIN number needed to open the phone.

Information tracking

You receive an inventory of your phone calls and your text messages. It’s useful if you’ve lost your phone and for  stolen phones. Give this information to the police and they’ll find your phone again in no time. If you want to know what information to give to the police in the case of a stolen phone, refer to this article.

Back up your personal information

You can easily back up all the information on the phone, so you can recover it in case your phone is lost or stolen. This backup can also prove itself invaluable in case of damage or formatting.

Closed Padlock

GPS tracking

This phone app has the ability to track the cellphone’s location by using Google Maps. Send the code that you chose via text message, and you’ll be able to track your device remotely. Again, these are useful pieces of information for the police in case they need them.

Completely delete your information

This function is one of the most exciting, since it lets you completely delete all your personal information conained on the cellphone remotely. If your phone’s been stolen, it’ll become unusable for the thief!

Moving is living

A cellphone thief won’t hesitate to follow you discretely so as to take advantage of your negligence and snatch your property.

Life always has surprises, at least for those who dare provoke these surprises. Personally, that’s exactly what gives me pleasure in life: creating opportunities and being able to change and evolve with complete freedom.

This shows in your career choices; sometimes, working and being bold is enough to open other paths for you in terms of employment, paths that can make you happier or richer.

We find an example of this diversity in our romantic relationships, but also quite simply in our life choices: having kids or not, going abroad or staying in the area, starting our own business or remaining an employee in at a boss’s service.

Deep down, it’s freedom that motivates most of my actions, and it’s constraint or lack of freedom that turns me away from a path.

Bibi Spy: an application that gives me rest

Since I discovered the application Bibi Spy, for example, I couldn’t live without it anymore and I install it consistently on every new smartphone I buy. As a reminder, this application lets you protect yourself against the theft of your cellphone by allowing you to lock it remotely, follow it via its GPS positions, and even read its text messages, and it warns you if the SIM card is changed.

Ever since Bibi Spy became part of my staple programs, I’ve felt freer because I no longer worry about my phone being lost or stolen. That’s another example of my need, a need inherent in me, to know that I’m free to move.

Technological Tools

Avoiding stillness and daring to change

The problem for people like me feeling this need for freedom is that we sometimes have trouble settling down somewhere:

  • Sliding your cellphone in your back pocket is often not the best solution for avoiding losing it…
  • the tendency to not be satisfied with our significant other,
  • the tendency to change jobs like we change shirts,
  • sometimes the tendency to change our minds faster than is reasonable.

For me, nevertheless, stillness is the sign of aging and death. As long as I’m moving, I feel like I’m alive and fully taking advantage of the days given to me. The absence of movement, for me, is not necessarily a good sign, but by movement I mean the idea of plans, not physical exercise. Although, after all, physical and mental exercises are good complements that help you live longer…


Bibi Spy is an effective antitheft protection tool for any smartphone worthy of this name. Provided with a warranty, it offers a variety of useful functions. Remote GPS tracking of a stolen phone , completely deleting your information in case of theft, and even a remote alarm, will be a detriment to any ill-intentioned person.

⇒ Nota Bene :  Any new smart phone manufactured on or after July 1, 2015, sold or purchased in Minnesota must be equipped with preloaded antitheft functionality

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