Click on the “Locating your lost phone” category for a description of the program “BibiSpy;” it’s actually a simple application that you install on your phone to avoid losing it afterwards, to identify the thief, locate him, and find the device again easily (see ).

Today we will give a step-by-step explanation of how to install this very useful app on the iPhone line of phones.

Installation is still simple; a few minutes should be enough time to do it.

0) Create your BibiSpy account

… by ordering the application.

1) Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking your iPhone is essential, and it’s a free process, no hassle of paying some website to do it. At worst, if you have the slightest problem doing it, it will suffice to contact the BibiSpy support team after getting the application to receive the appropriate help.

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, a Cydia icon will appear on the phone. It is vital to the proper functioning of BibiSpy, even though you can erase this icon afterward so as to make it invisible.

Numerous websites can explain to you how to jailbreak an iPhone, like this one for example:

2) Click on the Cydia icon

… then click on these buttons:

  • “Source”
  • “Edit” (this button is found on the top right)
  • “Add” (in the left corner of the newly opened page)

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3) Download the application

by entering the address that you received BY EMAIL after your purchase, in the box that just appeared, then press “Add Source”.

At this time Cydia will verify the entered url and update its sources. The sentence “Updating Sources” will appear on your screen.

Once the download has begun, all you have left to do is click “Return to Cydia.”

4) Install your application

Go to the “Sources” screen and the “BibiSpy” category as indicated in the picture below.

5) After clicking on BibiSpy,

… click on the “Install” button in the top right corner of thescreen, then on “Confirm.” Once the installation starts, go to “Applications” and click on the BibiSpy icon. Then the BibiSpy “Terms of Use” screen will appear, which will ask you to accept the terms of use. You just have to push”Accept.”

6) The registration screen

…will appear next. This screen contains two tabs:
Phone Name: here you enter a username that will let you easily recognize your phone in the configuration pannel, in case you have several BibiSpy licenses.

License Key: This the serial number assigned to your BibiSpy account. To get it, you have to get a license by registering on

After entering your phone name and license key, push “Register.”

7) If you install the program on several phones,

… a screen will pop up asking you if you want to add that phone or if you want to replace the phone you previously installed the app on.

The first case applies if you want to follow several phones at the same time.

The second case applies if you lost your first phone and you want to put all the first phone’s information onto the second one, generally a new smartphone.

8) Configure the application

First of all, click on “Add Friend Number” to add the number of a “friend.” This number will be used to warn you in case your cellphone is lost or stolen.

Next, enter a secret 4 digit PIN number. This code will allow you to enter your application’s control panel and will prevent any intruder from deleting the app.

BibiSpy will ask you to activate it with the sentence:

  • “Activate the device administrator”
  • “Submit”
  • “Pin Set Successfully!”

The application is now properly installed.