It’s interesting and even instructive to observe how a simple software for cellphones, Bibispy phone spyware can experience so much success in such a short time. If Bibispy were offering, I would buy shares in this company as it now becomes clear that mobile software is on a roll and really satisfies a necessity.

Why ? Why does Bibispy respond to a necessity ? I would like to answer these questions today with this article.

The expectation of phone spyware was big

Bibispy is first an espionage phone spyware : that is to say, an application that you install on a phone that records the exchanged SMS, monitors phone calls, and even photos and contacts on the device, by referring to your Internet account.

A espionage software responds to a necessity because our society can no longer enjoy the same confidence it did 50 years ago :

  • – divorces are abundant
  • – betrayals are more and more common
  • – smooth talkers and other hypocrites hide their games: the need to protect ourselves from such individuals is felt.

With the dangers in our society, some also use Bibispy to control their child’s phone and verify that they’re not trapped by ill-intentioned adults.

An employee in the middle of its servers

But Bibispy isn’t just that…

… Bibispy, on the other hand, is also like a « Swiss army knife», a characteristic that fits perfectly with the spirit of new smartphones.

This application is compatible with most modern smartphones, and these are not just phones : their features are so advanced that the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and others also act as a laptop, music player, and many other multimedia readers.

An application like Bibispy Phone Spyware fits perfectly for this kind of usage, thanks to its features :

  • – backing up data on your mobile phone (phonebook, emails, etc…)
  • – the possibility of finding the phone if lost or stolen (thanks to the GPS signal that is transmitted and that you deliver on your Bibispy interface)
  • – recovery on your computer for monitoring the phone (hours of calls, length of calls, etc.) to have records and statistics

An application or a cellphone software as versatile as Bibispy seems to have found its audience, it’s automatically rewarded by the public.

Locating a mobile phone on an Android

Locating a cell phone

I received an email asking me what was for me the best espionage software for an Android phone. You know, if you follow this blog, I have some preference for this OS made in Google, that’s why I wanted to write an article regarding this email.

As I explained earlier, you must of course get the spyware that fits your needs. For my part, BiBiSpy Phone Spyware performs all the functions described below and, moreover, is compatible with Android; but also with all other operating systems as long as the phone model corresponds with the list mentioned at the top of this blog.

Android is an efficient, lightweight and powerful operating system for cell phones. To install a spyware like BiBiSpy, you will have to go online and download the application on the mobile you prefer. You then follow the directions to install it.

Features on a BiBiSpy Android

Here is the information that a phone branded Android will deliver you if BiBiSpy is installed:

  • 1. the GPS position of the cell phone: in this, BiBiSpy is a great tool to locate a mobile phone. You secretly know where the device and the user are! You will enjoy a clear picture of its path over time.
  • 2. the exact nature of all its SMS: text messages and other written messages will no longer be a secret hidden from you, and they will be reported even if the user deletes them from his/her mobile! The software, once installed in an Android, will continue to deliver them to your online account!
  • 3. the list of telephone calls: you will see a list of the people who called the user or whom the user has called, with the precise time and duration of each call.
  • 4. Photos found on the Android
  • 5. Contacts stored in the mobile phonebook
  • 6. Internet browsing history of the individual

Children listen and trendy

The reasons to push you to install a phone spyware on an Android are many:

  • Spy on someone: this is a reason for pushing you to buy such software. Viewing messages and texts, knowing who he or she is talking to, knowing where he/she went after work, knowing if he or she is truthful, are all reasons we hear.


  • Monitor the phone at a distance: Some parents are concerned about their child’s use of a smartphone. With BiBiSpy installed on his or her Android or another compatible smartphone, you can check and verify that his/her relationships do not violate the laws that you have instilled.


  • Exercise your power of control over your employees: this result is mainly given by business leaders willing to give a telephone company to their employees. They won’t call prohibited phone numbers established by company rules, or you will be alerted immediately!


  • Save cell phone information: This reason applies to everyone. Android is a new generation cell phone, it contains many sensitive information. It is useful to save it on your hard drive, for example: your calls, text messages, phonebook, photos can be in as many files as BiBiSpy gives you. No more worrying about losing your data!

To summarize, this application is a good addition to your Android phone

The reasons are many and this mobile generation wants a Swiss Army knife of multimedia. The number of applications installed in a new generation smartphone is, in the opinion of many polls, showing a huge growth (mobile phone location, GPS signal, etc); we understand why.

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