The iPhone’s qualities

Apple has distinguished itself with its products’ innovative concepts and impeccable execution, the iPhone being a good example. But this company has also distinguished itself with an “all-pay” system that bothers PC users and people who like to fiddle with and take advantage of open-source, which is by definition free.

That’s why Apple is betting everything on its app store named  iTunes. This online catalog offers a multitude of products (movies, music, songs) and asks the user to pay in order to obtain them.

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An Apple Mac

A hacker bypasses Apple’s security system (source)

A Russian hacker just threw a wrench into this well-oiled Apple machine: he succeeded in bypassing the app store’s paying security system and obtaining the products for free by installing several certificates on his iPhone and falsifying his IP address with another well-characterized one. This technique thus requires very few changes to the iOS system: purchases pass through a new server, parallel to Apple’s, set up by the hacker.

The hacker revealed his technique on Youtube to ask users for donations in order to support his server. The issue is:

⇒ Apple  is now searching for the identity of the hacker and trying to block the attack

This goes against the authors’ product distribution rights and against the terms of the app store’s terms of use.

We are within our rights to object to the hacker’s assertion that it makes no sense to pay for something that should be included in a package and then redistributed to the authors.

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An Apple smartphone and a watch

PC or Mac?

But in reality, aren’t these differences in ideas summarized by the clashes between PC users and Mac users? One facilitating security attacks but allowing the exchange of free items, the other tightening its security but using this power to make people pay to use every new application?

  • iOS is easy to use and appeals to new users
  • Windows is a little trickier to handle but allows for greater freedom for the internet user.

The choice is yours!