My passion for movies regularly gives me the urge to rewatch my classics. Today I rewatched LEON by Luc Besson, starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman. This movie possesses a PLASTIC visual beauty that never fails to grab you. There is anxiety present from start to finish, and this at the very beginning when the somewhat obese drug dealer is being tracked down by Leon in the appartment.

The movie Leon

In the middle of this movie, I thought that by dint of being tracked down without cease by both delinquents and dealers, certain groups of people must (they’re almost obligated to) be equipped with a spy application like Bibispy to know everything about their telephone:

  • who’s calling them
  • what text messages are deleted on the phone
  • what callers said
  • where the number came from

As a reminder, Bibispy now offers a “Pro” version that lets you listen to the conversation and the phone’s surroundings. All the phone’s hidden information is undetectably recorded on a secure online server that you can consult.

We turn to drug dealers of all sorts like we see in Leon. They as well live in fear. They live with the dread of being pursued day and night. Their phone is the object everyone desires, simply because it’s by phone that they exchange:

  • conversations
  • deals
  • meetups
  • wiretaps

The phone is a key tool for these kinds of people but also for many others. While rewatching Leon, I recalled how significant this tension and anxiety, which exist when when policemen and criminals carry out their day to day actions, really are.

It’s impossible to rid themselves of it; yes, their day to day actions are being spied on and monitored. Yes, saying too much puts each one at risk of being harmed or brought down. Yes, being reckless may cost them very much.

These kinds of observations give rise to spy applications, and it should be noted that more and more people are talking about this kind of mobile app in our time, when the smartphone is king.