I have already mentioned my stay in China and my cottage getaway in a completely environmentally friendly, wooden cottage on the treetops.

Last week, the end of my stay in France approached, since I left a few days later. Being in China, for a business trip, I was in the huge house of Johnnie Walker in Shanghai: a luxurious palace made of gilt and glass, where patrons come to enjoy Chinese whiskey and cognac, calmly.

The luxury of this house lies in its space: when all your life has been “small” or when you are constantly crowded into small apartments with your wife and children, you realize how much of a luxury, space is; a desired wealth. This palace is this kind of wealth: the huge wooden floors, windows where you can see your reflection, spacious rooms in which you sip your glass on a table for four.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group

Around me, the wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs. Me: a single European, white skin, far from wealthy. And yet…

And yet, I had with me my smartphone in which I get internet. I visited the Bibispy website, a mobile phone application that is easily installed, and unobtrusively on a cell phone, no way to get noticed. With her agreement, I had it installed on my girlfriend’s cell phone, who was supposed to be in Paris. This way, when I connect to the internet, I can know in real time all the data from her mobile phone:

  1. Where my girl’s portable device is, every day
  2. The calls on the phone
  3. Remotely read exchanged text messages
  4. What pictures are taken with the camera
  5. Email and internet history
  6. In short, I can have fun playing spy with her.

While patrons sipped their whiskey a little sad, I went to my Bibispy account on my smartphone, and I was able to locate his cell phone. What a surprise when I realized that my baby was in Shanghai and she was about to meet me. A few minutes later she joined me in this posh palace in the middle of Chinese business leaders. She had surprised me: the great Chinese bosses have laughed because I had told them a long time ago she was located nearby and she was certainly looking for me.




She missed me and had wanted to join me in Shanghai. Ultimately, we ended my stay as true tourists, having a good time in a city that we have discovered with all its beauties and oddities.

Locate your cellphone with BibiSpy : new 2017 functions

BibiSpy is expanding

BibiSpy is a spyware for cellphones that is gradually advancing as it improves. In the last few months, the application has spread widely by becoming more professional and increasing the number of functions it has. Locating your cellphone and spying on it is becoming easier and easier with this truly special toolbox. Detailed explanation here.

==> Read the application’s detailed webpage here

Initial functions:

  • BibiSpy is an app that you install on a targeted phone and that functions when the smartphone is connected to the internet. Otherwise you won’t enjoy its advantages.
  • It records text messages and lets you read them whenever you want, even if they’ve been deleted
  • It makes copies of the phone’s contents and lets you recover them and consult them: a copy of the address book, caller IDs, and photos taken by the device
  • It reveals internet URL browsing history, so you know where the smartphone user is surfing (see : Why surfing porn in Android is not safe)
  • It shows you who the user is calling: call monitoring info, numbers, caller IDs, etc.

Surfing porn on Android

New functions:

  1. Through the offer of an addition called “BibiSpy Pro” when you buy, you’ll now be able to enjoy additional functions like recording verbal communication…
  2. … and even listening to the device’s surroundings; that is, recording the discussions between two people off the phone when they’re close to it.
  3. The application now has multi-language support
  4. Support is now offered via “Live Chat” as well, so you can communicate verbally with support and have the installation steps explained to you.
  5. BibiSpy is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portugese.

Finding your cellphone made easy

In addition to these major features, BibiSpy allows you to locate your cellphone thanks to its ability, which isn’t new but is still remarkable, to notify you of where the device is by sending out a GPS signal to an online server in a totally undetectable fashion.

Because of this, by connecting to your online “BibiSpy” account from any computer, you can track the phone’s various locations wherever it is in the world, as long as it’s connected to the internet.

This function deserves to be highlighted once again, because it’s one of the simplest and most effective ones for locating your cellphone but also for remotely tracking a smartphone and getting it back after losing it, getting it stolen, or if in doubt.

Many such such opportunities are presented to those who suffer from, for example, Alzheimer’s disease, who are susceptible to getting lost and can be located and found in this way.

BibiSpy: a program for professionals or for everyone?

Despite its cutting-edge technology, BibiSpy is definitively a program developed for the good of the greater public. It’s technology allows you to:

  • locate your cellphone,
  • spy on a smartphone
  • and regularly back up your device,

all done for both individual and commercial users.

“Let’s make everyday life easier;” that’s a saying that would go well with this application, which has learned how to become more and more useful to its users over the years.