1 – Lying to your parents

It’s scary how a boy can lie to his mom or dad as soon as he’s old enough to do it. Mine, like many others, shamelessly tried to hide from me:

  •  his girlfriend
  •  his habits of drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs
  • the meetups he’d have with “clients” to sell them drugs

Spying with BIBIspy

I needed to resort to a program like BIBIspy to be able to record his phone calls and texts, and get a copy of his contacts, emails, and photos. Like any phone application, I installed BIBIspy on the phone he was using by downloading it from the internet. Seeing that I’d registered on the app’s official site beforehand, I had access to the secure private server on which all his monitoring info and other info were recorded.

Spying is not ideal

dangerous children gameI’m not saying that spying on your son is a cure-all. It’s even illegal without the express consent of the person involved. However, I am responsible for my son as long as he’s a minor under my roof. I was afraid that he was making mistakes and I don’t regret having been able to stop him from falling into dangerous habits. Beyond that, it all comes down to specific cases and history. Each one of us has different lives, experiences, and futures which don’t necessarily line up. Consequently, it’s up to each of us to know how to adapt to the events that happen to us daily.

Avoiding the worst for your son or daughter at all costs

In no cases do I wish for your child to:

This sort of danger exists; it would be too bad if you ignored it, even if it’s obviously easier to close your eyes than to face reality as it is.

2 – Too many games threaten our children

Strangely, since I started writing for this site about a security/protection phone app, I’ve come across many articles about minors whose lives were put in danger. We all remember the more or less large dangers we had to face during our childhood. Were we more courageous or more oblivious? Each of us can judge for himself. But sometimes, I think back to the adventures I had when I was younger, and I think that my parents were right to watch me closely. I’m not saying you necessarily have to use BIBIspy or BIBIspy, spy applications, to spy on your childrens’ cellphone. I’m saying that children and teens both seek and go on adventures.

A few obvious examples may come to mind:

Food and eating

Many children try anything they find. That’s how some of them get drunk or give into peer pressure. In the worst case scenario, some give into trying drugs. In other cases, they don’t hesitate to try whatever they can get their hands on. Go to this address:

See Drunk driving : voice of victims ; you’ll find SMUR prescriptions to prevent this sort of child intoxication.

“The choking game”

This completely idiotic game has appeared in schools. Everyone knows what it is: a game that may prove fatal for some kids. This is yet another example of a dumb game owed to our youth being impressionable or ignorant of the risks they’re running. Parents whose kids have been victimes of this game have united into communities here:

See Games adolescents shouldn’t play : what is the choking game ?



© Columbia pictures – Sex Tape – http://metaleater.com/movies/review/sex-tape-review

Another sensitive subject when you know that most car accidents are linked with two-wheelers and the majority of two-wheeler drivers are young people. La sécurité routière du Québec confirms that young drivers between 16 and 24 are in an inordinately high number of accidents. A new game just came to the United States, involving speed and sports cars. Again, it’s worth keeping an eye on what your children are doing.

See : 7 other dangerous teen trends

There are a lot:

  • play fighting
  • the soap game
  • sudden death (which consists of taking dares)
  • “are you chicken?” kinds of games

…in short there’s a hundred of them. It’s up to the parents we all are to investigate when we notices red marks around our child’s neck, headaches, flushed cheeks, etc. These days, many children play very tasteless jokes on their classmates just before they leave school: another classmate films it and quickly spreads it across the internet. This completely stupid game can only prove to be dangerous: personally, I find using BIBIspy to spy on my child’s smartphone and monitor his conversations to be a life saver,whether people like it or not.