arrow The law provides and suppresses invasion of privacy

We inform you that the installation of monitoring and control software of mobile phones that are not yours or without the authorization of people to install it is illegal in most countries. It is forbidden to use it for purposes described as devious, unbeknownst to the person using the phone. If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer before using BIBIspy.

The Code provides that the registration of conversations without the appropriate consent, as the violation of secrecy of correspondence, shall be punished by a term of one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euro. Depending on the country or region where you are, you may be in violation if you supervise or spy on other people without their written or oral consent. Before using BIBIspy, which can be used for monitoring but not limited to, you must learn about the laws of your country and one where you use the software for the use of such a product.

Save SMS, listen to conversations, locate the position of a cell phone are prohibited activities:

  • – if they are performed on phones belonging to other people or other entities
  • – if people who use the phone with monitoring softwares are not informed in writing of the software features.
  • – if their agreement to use it was not clearly given, in writing, without coercion and with full knowledge.



The blog Gps  On Phone and I do not endorse the use of monitoring softwares for illegal purposes.  No action recommended on this site should be taken into account without first obtaining advice and guidance from lawyers and legal professionals.

 The blog and its authors accept no liability and are not responsible for misuse and/or damage caused by monitoring softwares, including legal disputes. It is the user who takes full responsibility to respect all the laws of their country of residence, and those in which SpyBubble may be used. By purchasing and downloading monitoring softwares, you agree to the above.


 Normal and legal function of monitoring softwares

The function of monitoring softwares is to allow owners of mobile phones to control the use of their device:

  • – Backup of phonebook and access from any computer
  • – Ability to know the location of the phone in case of loss or theft by tracking via GPS from a computer
  • – Establish monitoring and recordings of his/her own telephone calls on a computer

This use is permitted only insofar as it is carried out in accordance with the laws of the country in compliance with the privacy of others (the blog gpsonphone and its author respect the European Directive 2002/58/CE for the protection of privacy).

 It is the responsibility of the user of the monitoring softwares to verify that its use obeys the laws applicable in his/her country and the one in which the software is used. The user acknowledges that the use of it will be in every way, in accordance with the laws that are applicable in his/her country and the country where it is used.


 Tips to comply with the law

  • – Consult a law firm and/ or a legal office
  • – For a business owner, ask for written consent of the person whose phone gets monitoring software enabled, if the person accepts without constraint that his/her movements and phone calls, SMS, and others may be known by the company
  • – To a parent or legal guardian, if the child is an adult, he must agree in writing that their telephone calls, SMS and others can be heard and read in accordance with the laws of the country.

 We also inform you that this site is not allowed for children under eighteen.