Ethics of a spy program

I’ve been asked this question more than once: Aren’t you ashamed of usinga spy program like BibiSpy? Is it legal to use a smartphone app that worms its way into a cellphone and stocks all this on a safe and indetectable server:

  • the phone’s photos
  • its text messages, even if they’ve been deleted
  • the times and caller IDs of phone calls
  • the GPS positions passed through
  • the recording of phone conversations (on the PRO version of BibiSpy)
  • listening to the phone’s surroundings (on the PRO version of BibiSpy)

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A multi-purpose application

To those who ask me this question, I respond:

arrow that BibiSpy is classified as a spy program but could also be classified as a security program. Indeed, once installed on your own cellphone or smartphone, it lets you back up all your information in case you lose your device or get it stolen. For example, you can recover your whole phone book with all the numbers and caller IDs entered in it.

arrow that BibiSpy, once installed on your own mobile phone, can prove itself an effective weapon against the theft of your device. How will the thief react when he realizes that he was constantly being followed and that each place he passed through was known thanks to a GPS locator?


BibiSpy, the mobile spy application, can thus serve equally well in protecting you from theft, or in backing up your info in case of phone loss or damage, as it can in recording your phone conversations.

There is great interest in this sort of application in a time when tons of personal information is stocked more and more on our communication devices.

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Remember that BibiSpy requires no subscription, unlike its competitors. It only costs$49.95 and your license is valid for an unlimited number of phones, so you can install it on as many devices as you want at the same time.

Finally, its 10-day warranty lets you try it without difficulty if you wish. One piece of advice: verify that your smartphone is compatible with it and be sure it’s connected to the internet, without which the app won’t function.

An application to connect with your girlfriend, even halfway around the world

The job that I have makes me travel around the world, or, I should say, allows me to discover many different landscapes each time. And yet, I’m finding myself sometimes in places that look like the tips of the planet, from the moment I get internet, I never separate myself from my smartphone, equipped with my favorite applications.

I won’t give you the make and model of my smartphone, the latter often changing every six months or so. However, I can give you the name of my favorite application: it is BibiSpy, espionage software that is suitable for mobile phones. If I cannot live without BibiSpy, it’s because it allows me to be connected to my honey even if she is ten thousand miles away. By mutual agreement, we both installed BibiSpy on our respective smartphones: thus, in every circumstance, we know where our partner is and we also know who he/she calls, the exchanged text messages, etc…

BibiSpy is basically espionage and security software: You access a phone you want to remotely monitor, you install BibiSpy, and you have access from your computer of all the data that goes through this phone: the text messages, dialed and received numbers of callers, its GPS location, photos, contacts, emails, etc..All in an undetectable manner.

Once both partners install BibiSpy on each other’s cellphone, they can be followed at all times, and know everything about each other’s activities, even at the other end of the world!

Shangai Tower

Since October 2016, in China, two and a half hours by train from Shanghai, 30 ecological villas were built in the treetops. This hotel chain of a new, different, kind, at the top of the bamboo forest, Moganshan, can scare the city people accustomed to the activity and movement in the city. The view, in one of these wooden cottages, is really amazing: from that height, you dominate the entire forest as you find yourself in the treetops. Anyone who needs a break, a return to nature, and a pause in his life, can find happiness here. For others like me who easily miss their beloved, with the BibiSpy application installed on the smartphone, I can make feel a little closer to her, even in the depths of China.