The film Harry Brown with Michael Caine

Have you seen the movie Harry Brown with Michael Caine? It’s about some young people from suburbs riddled with drugs and violence who assault retirees, until one of these retirees rebels against the system that protects criminals but not victims.

When you’re faced with these kinds of violent suburbs, it’s very tempting to rebel against the system. Others use spyware like BIBIspy : an application they install on their child’s cellphone in order to make sure that he’s not dealing drugs or keeping bad company. This phone app reports the text messages sent by the phone, call monitoring info, its GPS position, and even its emails.

Far be it from me to pass judgment on the film, self-defense, or crime. It’s not my intention to talk about that. One thing’s for sure: violence begets violence, and in my opinion fleeing is the best option in these cases. Some maintain that if every one of us stopped giving in to fear, this sort of crime would not persist.

Harry brown Movie

Fleeing is an option

What is this flight I’m advocating?

  1. Try to identify the danger
  2. Make sure that what you think matches with the truth
  3. Once you’re sure of the calamity about to strike, assess the solutions
  4. Have the philosophy that people of interest will always get back to you…
  5. … and that if they don’t come looking for you, they’re not worth the effort

At least that’s my personal philosophy, I’m not saying it’s the best one but it’s mine. Would you let your life be ruined by a neighbor that constantly harms you and drives you to depression? And yet I’ve known these kinds of victims that had stayed in the same place for dozens of years on the grounds that they were at home there and it wasn’t their choice to leave. Another group of people prefers flight: moving out and settling someplace where they’ll be able to find happiness.


In all this, BIBIspy is a simple application, undetectable, that for some turns out to be a useful tool. Some use it to learn the truth, spying on what passes through a cellphone. For others, this tool is like a self-defense weapon: they use it to fight against the circumstances they’re in. In the end, what’s important is to know yourself and to know what camp you’re in, what your way of thinking is. Afterward you should hold yourself to it and honor your approach so as to be consistent with yourself.