Do you have to trust those around you?

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Espionage in the movie Edge of Darkness

In movies like Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson (review on, we are shown espionage in detail: men and women who know they’re being spied on in their daily life, but who fail to prove it precisely because they don’t have proof and they’re being spied on discretely.

I always wondered what effect living through times like those would have:

  • the fact of being constantly monitored, like, for example, by your cellphone with the BIBIspy application (official site).
  • the fact that you can’t walk down the street without turning around to see whoever’s behind you
  • the fact that you can’t trust anyone around you and can’t have faith in anyone
A mutual trust

A mutual trust

No need to be spied on to feel watched in life

Sometimes I’ve foolishly come to wonder, with or without the BIBIspy spyware, with or without spying, whether you can really trust people anyway. After all, we’ve all been betrayed at least once by someone who spent a lot of time with us. We’ve all come to the conclusion, to a greater or lesser extent, that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that malice is the common trait of all the peoples of this world.

Sure, we don’t have to paint too dark a picture, but we should also be realistic. To know how people live with spying, we don’t necessarily have to be spied on ourselves; we just have to be aware of those around us and know how to give off a self-image that isn’t necessarily the one of ourselves deep inside.

To trust or not

  • Because after all, if we showed our true faces (Be perceptive rather than naive, Gpsonphone, 13th December 2014) , wouldn’t the people close to us take advantage of this to harm us?
  • Wouldn’t they take advantage of our weak point to hurt us or to pry whatever they wanted from us?
  • Wouldn’t they hurt us for the simple pleasure of watching us suffer, and because they think that they’re not the only ones who deserve to suffer?
  • Someone once told me that we can only trust our family in life. What do you think about that?
Stop talking !

Stop talking !

Stay “too nice” or spy on text messages?

I’ll explain to you why I made the choice to spy on text messages, call monitoring info, and phone information, ever since I was considered “too nice.”

(See also : Being Too Nice Can Contribute to Depression, Wake Up World, 16th August 2015)

2 opposite conceptions of life: which one pushes you to spy on text messages/phone contents?

Two ways of seeing life are possible. We realize this then we take a step back:

It’s easier than you think to spy on texts and a cellphone’s contents.

  • 1) We trust everyone, we don’t try to find out what others think of us, and we turn the other cheek when someone slaps us in the face. People who act this way say that they demonstrate humanism; being nice to those around them lets them avoid confrontations and thus arguments. On the other hand, these people clearly take the risk of being had, meeting people that torment them or manipulate them, and even being controlled by profiteers that take everything they have from them, even their privacy.


  • 2) We try to get the upper hand in the situation, we keep a sharp eye on those around us and when we suspect that we’re being manipulated or mislead, we try to spy on this person to bring his secrets to light (or spy on his texts, which is more than enough to know everything about his life habits). This way of thinking is that of people who refuse to be the fall guy and who consider niceness a weakness.

Lean the details of the application BIBIspy for installation on a targeted telephone to monitor its text messages, its GPS location, and all its content.

An icy stare

An icy stare

A desire for vengeance when we’ve been manipulated

Sending a text message is simple and practical, so simple and practical that it could lead to a person’s downfall by serving as irrefutable proof.

What must be noted is that when we notice too late that we’ve been mislead and ridiculed, we all of a sudden want to regain the upper hand, sometimes retaliate, and assemble sufficient proof for the inevitable legal and mental battle.

For too long I my self played the role of the nice innocent guy, incapable of raising his voice at those who take a twisted pleasure in manipulating him. Considered too nice, I wore a pleasant and naive expression on my face. Moral of story: My entire life I had to face numerous problems caused by individuals who had no qualms with taking advantage of people with this nature.

  1. One girl already took advantage of me by eventually dumping me like an old sock, taking care to break my heart along the way.
  2. One friend already asked me for money without paying me back, and as an apology merely sent a text saying sorry.
  3. One of my bosses already had it in for me, unable to stand seeing my face, which would not return to his sight

In the end, I didn’t hesitate to spy on texts and phone contents, in accordance with the laws in effect, so as to become master of my own destiny, and this radically changed my life and the way people viewed me.

To be disappointed

To be disappointed

Don’t let yourself be too nice

(Another read : What are the advantages and disadvantages of being too nice to people,, June 2014)

Hiding away to call your lover has never been the solution; sooner or later the truth comes out for all to see.

What do you do when this character sticks to you like glue? Conflicts are certainly hard to bear, but we learn with experience that sometimes they’re beneficial and we come out of them having certainly gained respect.

No, I’m not saying that you have to manipulate those around you at all costs, nor become paranoid. What I maintain is that in most cases, knowing how to monitor and study those around you with a watchful eye allows you to know who you’re dealing with and plan your behavior accordingly, which generally means victory over the difficult world around us.

Spying on a cellphone’s text messages and contents can easily be done with BIBIspy (Test of BIBIspy,, November 2015), which I’ve always looked at more as the best toolbox in the world than as a simple phone application for installation on a targeted smartphone.

  • Not only will it save you from losing your device or getting it stolen by enabling you to easily find it again,
  • but what’s more, it allows you to spy on its texts,
  • photos,
  • emails,
  • position,
  • and even its contacts and call monitoring info with a simple consultation.