Contact Spy, the iPhone app

There is an iPhone app called “Contact Spy” that costs only $0.89 on the app store.

This application is intended as an application called “spy” or rather an application to spy a phone, see what it is and what it proposes for a low price.

Where can I find this application?

It can be found on the manufacturer’s website: Razix, or directly on the Apple App Store.

This is an updated application, which is now in version 1.1.3.

It is compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad

The purpose of this application

contact-spyContact Spy is an unpretentious small application that can give you more information about the people in your contacts.

You communicate with people, not necessarily your family, and you keep their number in your iPhone. You start Contact Spy, you enter the full name, and the application makes a quick search in different search engines:

  • internet
  • American newsletters
  • blogs
  • directories of images
  • and American Yellow Pages

…in order for you to view the web pages giving you more details on this individual. The internet search works well for Latin identities, but many functions are still better suited to American.

Is this really a spy application?

Clearly not, Contact Spy is not really espionage software, despite its name. It is rather a way to save you time by finding what you can on a person using the internet.

Two ways to initiate this research:

  • enter the full name and hit search
  • launch the application automatically on all contacts in the device

What is certain is that shared identities with nicknames won’t be found.

Finally, a Wi-Fi connection is essential to make the app works.

Is Contact Spy necessary?

This application is not like BIBIspy, true espionage software that, once installed on the telephone, it gives you silent confidential information about the telephone conversations of an individual.

This is not security software that will back up all of your confidential information stored in your phone.

Contact Spy, as an application to spy on a phone, is more like a gadget, but for $0.89, could we expect anything else?