Phone applications

The iPhone's qualities Apple has distinguished itself with its products' innovative concepts and impeccable execution, the iPhone being a good example. But this company has also distinguished itself with an "all-pay" system that bothers PC users and people who like to fiddle with and take advantage of open-source, which is by definition free. That's why [...]

Bibi Spy: Find and protect a stolen cellphone With the innumerable technological advances of smartphones, our phones are increasing in value and becoming essential parts of our lives: they're used in communication but now they're encroaching on tasks formerly reserved for computers Getting our cellphone stolen is getting part of our confidential information, part of [...]

My passion for movie Leon

My passion for movies regularly gives me the urge to rewatch my classics. Today I rewatched LEON by Luc Besson, starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman. This movie possesses a PLASTIC visual beauty that never fails to grab you. There is anxiety present from start to finish, and this at the very beginning when the [...]

Contact Spy: just a gadget application

There is an iPhone app called “Contact Spy” that costs only $0.89 on the app store. This application is intended as an application called “spy” or rather an application to spy a phone, see what it is and what it proposes for a low price. It can be found on the manufacturer’s website: Razix, or [...]