Monitoring your phone

Spying software could tempt you to monitor texts and calls

A GPS tracker: but at what cost?

In this blog I talk about BibiSpy, which lets you recover all a phone/smartphone's information, but there are also GPS trackers that only serve to locate an object in space and time. These GPS trackers are less comprehensive than BibiSpy, but they're very popular today and it's time for us to run a little test [...]

Click on the "Locating your lost phone" category for a description of the program "BibiSpy;" it's actually a simple application that you install on your phone to avoid losing it afterwards, to identify the thief, locate him, and find the device again easily (see ). Today we will give a step-by-step explanation of how to [...]

We sometimes see people complaining of having made a mistake in their purchase when looking for good phone espionage software. The following tips apply whether you are looking for free espionage software equipment or complicated equipment. In order to make you avoid such a waste of money, here are 6 points that you should be [...]

Want to know how to locate a cell phone?

Find a cell phone We explained in the following test: "the best spyware for cellphones", the functionalities of BIBIspy, the espionage software that enables remote monitoring of a mobile phone or smartphone. And now we explain HOW this software can be helpful in our everyday life. Some people, who download the phone application, sometimes want to [...]

Locate your beloved, even in Shanghai

I have already mentioned my stay in China and my cottage getaway in a completely environmentally friendly, wooden cottage on the treetops. Last week, the end of my stay in France approached, since I left a few days later. Being in China, for a business trip, I was in the huge house of Johnnie Walker [...]

In case of a lost or stolen cellphone Today I wanted to share with you my passion for a program that will prove itself not only useful, but indispensable in case of a lost cellphone, or even in case of a stolen mobile phone: I want to talk about BIBIspy, a brand new application that [...]