Lost over a foreign town

Have you ever found yourself alone in a town, walking in the hills around the houses in the hopes of reaching a summit and being able to see the town in its entirety?

This happened to me just a little while ago, and when I reached the scenic viewpoint, in the middle of an intense fog that barely let me make out the roofs of the houses I was overlooking, I felt at that moment lost in the most remote part of the world, in an environment that was not my own, far from everything, like a stranger.

Spying to get acquainted with and analyze people

At that time, I felt rising up in me the desire to spy or make a loneliness espionnage, with the help of the application Bibispy, on a random phone in this population that was unfamiliar to me. Of course, it was impossible since in order to be able to spy on a smartphone with the help of the Bibispy app, you need to have been able to install the program on the device beforehand. But I thought that in a crowd of people totally unknown to us, being able to have a person’s call monitoring info, read his texts, see his photos, know his browsing history or even his successive GPS positions, all this surveillance, was likely to make known to us a person’s life habits in detail.

Espionage meaning


Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t used Bibispy in this town unknown to me and I didn’t have a single source for surveillance. So I found myself there, perched on the viewpoint, in a foreign and somewhat forlorn territory.

Looking for our motivations and putting them into practice

The world is both vast and limited at the same time; sometimes you want to explore everything, then when you’ve gone a pretty long way you decide that slow and steady wins the race, and it’s enough to find the place where you feel good, where you’ve founded a family or some connections, where, well, where you’re happy. What weighs on travelers like me, who in the end only have a few connections, isn’t the areas that we pass through, it’s the lack of ties to it.

Bibispy is the sort of phone application capable of ending the loneliness. What remains for all men and women is to know themselves intimately and to put the goals that give them joy into practice.

Mobile phones to the rank of a Swiss Army knife in terms of multimedia

Your cell phone: a real Swiss army knife

Swiss army knife pictures :

The evolution of the mobile phone is, in fact, impressive in recent years, specifically since the iPhone.

From being a mobile phone used only to communicate with someone, it became a handheld multi-functional, varied and almost limitless device:

  1. – call
  2. – send text messages
  3. – surf the Internet
  4. – play
  5. – install a wide variety of applications of increasing interest
  6. – read all the possible multimedia content including films
  7. – serves as a media player

In short, a mobile phone is now a pocket personal computer, a Swiss Army knife that may alternatively be used to call. This proves useful in our everyday life, for some, it’s even absolutely essential. But there is a problem…which is the secrecy of communication.

The problem of secret communication

A look from an outside perspective sometimes has more foresight than a specialist’s (point of view) : a device performing a single task does well as long as it’s the only one it does. But an effective device that has a whole range of different tasks may forget something in order to satisfy a greater number of functions.

QED. Here is the heart of the problem: becoming a multi-purpose mobile computer, cell phones have expanded to the public in general, they have expanded to programmers of all kinds, opened to customization, and have lost safety.

Loneliness espionnage

Loneliness espionnage

This is where a mobile application, such as BibiSpy shows how interesting it is ; this application allows the user to regain the control he had lost on his/her mobile device.

  1. – BibiSpy is installed on the phone and then disappears from everyone’s sight
  2. – BibiSpy allows users to access content on their phone from any other platform with Internet access (computer, iPad, another smartphone, etc.).
  3. – BibiSpy records your phone calls (not voice but data such as usernames, the length of calls or hours of talk time)
  4. – BibiSpy records multimedia content from mobile phones (such as SMS, Emails, photos, Internet history)
  5. – BibiSpy shows you where your device is with the GPS signal and Google Maps
  6. – BibiSpy therefore allows you to find your phone even if you do not have it at hand, and access its data from afar

BibiSpy becomes an application that effectively complements your smartphone

I believe that BibiSpy becomes essential if you really want to regain control over a device that is not near. I like to know what is going on away from me. I always hated those who were talking about me behind my back. I also like to control my surroundings and my hi-fi equipment and whether or not they are used against my will, without my knowledge.

BibiSpy is like a security software of loneliness espionnage. I always install it every time I change my cell phone. It should be noted that once purchased for 29.95 dllrs, this application for your cell phone is given to you for life, and you can install it on any number of devices. Taken!