Being a victim or being in control in life: which camp do you choose?

Power makes an impression

Have you ever noticed the terrible injustice that we ourselves create among men and women? What I mean is, examine how a company will react to a superior or even the head of the company: they’ll pamper him, accommodate him at a great cost, with pomp and circumstance, in a room fit for a king, with breakfast in the fridge, soap and TP in the bathroom, a bed made with hospital corners and a few candies, a magazine; in short, everything for him to be happy.

How will this same company react when faced with a simple employee? Totally differently: covers simply placed on the unmade bed, no soap, no food in the fridge; in short, the bare minimum, and all in order to save company money.

Company heads personally scare me a little, because of the overwhelming and uncontrolled power they possess. For my part, I want to be self-employed not to be in command but to not have any authority above me and to be able to do as I wish.

BIBIspy lets you be perceptive rather than naive

physical assault

Aren’t you fed up with forever remaining the employee in this story we call life? Don’t you ever want to create your own business and be the boss yourself? Sometimes you just have to simply take the plunge.

The comparison is the same with telephone espionage; there are those who install BIBIspy on their phone in order to be able to save:

  • their calls
  • their text messages
  • their address book
  • their GPS positions
  • and even their photographs on an online server, in case their phone is stolen or lost

Better to be in control than be a victim

On the other end of the chain are those who have installed nothing at all, who don’t know about backup software for smartphones, and who aren’t interested in them. Those people aren’t afraid to be the fall guy, whereas the others expect and plan to control the system.

In life, there are those who do and those who suffer. This is a maxim that, unfortunately, I was not taught when I was little, but I would have loved to have been taught. In life, there are those who do and those who suffer. Yes, it’s unfair, it’s true. But it’s better to teach our kids to become the masters rather than the mastered.

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