Author: Christopher Correia

Installing BibiSpy on a Blackberry

Installing BibiSpy on a Blackberry Installation of an espionage software for smartphones Bibispy Press the HOME button, then OPTIONS and finally APPLICATIONS. Select the listed BibiSpy application. If it isn’t showing up, you need to download the application on the Blackberry Market Place. Open the internet browser on the phone and enter the following address: Bi Bi Spy After pressing GO, the application file will download. Next go to MENU, then MORE, where you should see the “Download” button. Next: Once installation is complete, go to APPLICATIONS and click the BibiSpy icon. You’ll see the following window where you’ll...

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Infinite Monkeys: a tool to create phone applications

Infinite Monkeys A tool to create phone applications Create Your Own Smartphone App I didn’t learn how to code or program, and I’m not claiming I can create a phone app for Android by myself. However, phone applications are my passion, and I’d love to be able to do so. That’s why I gave it a try using Infinite Monkeys, an internet application that lets each of us make his own phone app. Infinite Monkeys manages to give us this chance even if we have no idea how to program. How does it manage this? 1/ A tool usable...

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Can Bibispy end loneliness?

Lost over a foreign town Have you ever found yourself alone in a town, walking in the hills around the houses in the hopes of reaching a summit and being able to see the town in its entirety? This happened to me just a little while ago, and when I reached the scenic viewpoint, in the middle of an intense fog that barely let me make out the roofs of the houses I was overlooking, I felt at that moment lost in the most remote part of the world, in an environment that was not my own, far from...

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A GPS tracker: but at what cost?

In this blog I talk about BibiSpy, which lets you recover all a phone/smartphone’s information, but there are also GPS trackers that only serve to locate an object in space and time. These GPS trackers are less comprehensive than BibiSpy, but they’re very popular today and it’s time for us to run a little test on this little device. The purpose of a GPS tracker These trackers allow you to locate an object you lost or had stolen from you: a portable phone, but also: car keys (it’s possible to attach these sorts of GPS accessories to your keychain)....

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A comic strip that pits human emotions against machines and social networks

Is this comic strip for or against geeks? I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a fan of the comic strip for geeks, “The Joy of Tech“. The strip I’m touching on in this article today can be read freely at this address:, and it left a mark on me for various reasons. First off, here’s an image of it: Artificial means of communication First off, this comic strip uses few words and few pictures to express a fact about society that we’re all branded with: we’ve become dependent on computerized means of communication to a greater or...

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BIBIspy an espionage software

… that can monitor the activity of a phone running based on Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry. Once you have installed the software on the smartphone, you just have to visit your online account.

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