Espionage in our everyday life

Espionage is commonly defined as the act of monitoring a human being from a distance, far from him, without him noticing. This definition forgets that most of the time we ourselves are spied on by the people surrounding us:

People don’t have to be super far away from us for that: they just have to watch us, even right before our eyes. Then they make a judgment of us and use their spying to fight with us some times and love us at other times.



We are constantly being watched

Espionage isn’t necessarily synonymous with hypocrisy. It could also be synonymous with observation. And observation is in many cases an important asset to have before being able to face life.

One thing’s for sure: with BIBIspy, spying becomes no longer a coincidence but a consummate art. It’s a cellphone application that hides in the depths of the smartphone, makes itself invisible, and then reports all the information contained on the phone to whoever installed it:

  • text messages
  • photographs
  • emails
  • URLs
  • GPS position
  • call monitoring information

All this info is indispensable for whoever plans to spy on somebody. Other methods do exist for doing long-distance surveillance. Other mobile programs exist, but they’re more expensive than BIBIspy and less complete. Another advantage of this choice: BIBIspy requires no subscription. The purchase is made once and for all.

Spy equipment like BIBIspy

In short, there is other possible equipment, like webcams, for example, that activate automatically from a distance, but it’s not the spying style I recommend for you.

BIBIspy, in the end, is nothing more than a program that can be used by anyone and everyone to protect his own texts, his own emails, and his own call monitoring info. You can store this info on your hard drive or on an online server, and later on you use it as a backup, to view statistics, or in case your phone is stolen or destroyed.

This has nothing to do with some of the illegal espionage out there. BIBIspy, like any mobile app for iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android, certainly proves useful for anyone looking for this type of service.