In case of a lost or stolen cellphone

Today I wanted to share with you my passion for a program that will prove itself not only useful, but indispensable in case of a lost cellphone, or even in case of a stolen mobile phone: I want to talk about BIBIspy, a brand new application that a brand new smartphone buyer will quickly be tempted to install on his brand new tool.

Why is BIBIspy going to become indispensable so quickly? Simply because this application is in itself a comprehensive tool kit to prevent you from losing your phone or getting it stolen. From the moment you’ve installed it on your cell, you won’t worry about losing it or having it swiped from you anymore.

What is this application for?

It’s an anti-theft smartphone program. Once you’ve installed it, your chances of finding your phone in case it’s lost or stolen increase considerably.

How does BIBIspy work?

  • You can back up all your information as a precautionary measure

This function is one of the most powerful that I’ve ever seen on a cellphone app. One of the features of BIBIspy lets you back up all your phone’s information and store it on a secure online server included with your account. It’s the ultimate anti-theft weapon; in case of a lost or stolen cellphone, or if case you accidentally delete your information, you’ll be able to easily retrieve it thanks to the backup you made.

This includes call monitoring info, text messages, photos and videos, the address book, the calendar, etc.

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  • You can find your phone by its GPS position

This feature allows you to locate your lost smartphone, or reveals to you where the thief has hidden it. The integrated Google Maps interface lets you remotely track your device and show the police where they have to look to get back your possessions.

  • A program that only you can uninstall

The program, representing your anti-theft protection from potential robbers, can’t be uninstalled by them because it’s password protected. Without this password, the application will continue working. So you don’t have to worry about ill-intentioned hands, especially since this app is hard to detect once it’s installed on the smartphone.

  • You can lock your phone from a distance

Thanks to a secret code, if you lose your cell or if someone steals it from you, you can lock it remotely; the phone won’t be usable anymore and your information will stay intact, protected from the intruder. This code can be sent to your phone as a basic text message. Once you’ve sent that text to your device, the lock is set in place. You can also activate this feature through your online interface.

  • You’ll be alerted by an alarm system

An alarm will be sent to you if the thief changes your phone’s SIM card. This alarm will be sent to you by email, text, or even by phone call to a friend’s number that you’ve predefined. This message will contain the new SIM card number, which you can send to the police at your leisure, which will greatly help them in their search.

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Conversely, when you realize that your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to set off an alarm remotely from your online interface that will make your phone ring. If it’s close to you, you’ll know immediately which way to look to find it!

  • Conclusion: Cases of lost or stolen phones won’t scare you anymore

  • 1. The app is easy to install and remains compatible with the majority of cellphones.
    2. This sort of software can be beneficial in numerous situations; being able to track your device remotely shows itself to be useful in a large number of cases.
    3. Your smartphone or your cellphone is your most precious possession; it contains traces of your private life, and in light of this you should protect it well.
    4. Finally, whoever takes your phone will be disappointed; you’ll be able to easily find the source, pick up his trail, and know everything he’s done with your device.

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