A GPS tracker: but at what cost?

In this blog I talk about BibiSpy, which lets you recover all a phone/smartphone’s information, but there are also GPS trackers that only serve to locate an object in space and time.

These GPS trackers are less comprehensive than BibiSpy, but they’re very popular today and it’s time for us to run a little test on this little device.

The purpose of a GPS tracker

These trackers allow you to locate an object you lost or had stolen from you:

a portable phone, but also:

  1. car keys (it’s possible to attach these sorts of GPS accessories to your keychain).
  2. locating your children
  3. locating your pets (particularly by putting this detector on their collar)

Track Tunnel

New GPS trackers

… have become smaller and have longer battery life. Their now have internal antenna, and you can usually recharge them via USB cable. Geolocation is done at regular intervals, every 10 seconds.

The drawback to this kind of solution

A noticeable drawback to this kind of device is the cost: 30 euros per month minimum is required, which quickly seems expensive when you know you can buy the much more comprehensive phone app, BibiSpy, for about the same price but with no subscription.

So, certainly, GPS trackers don’t seem bad on paper, although you have to really be sure that they’re the best fitting solution to your problem.

The case of a young mom during her divorce.

By describing the practical example of an encounter I had last week, I’m going to prove to you that BibiSpy does everything a GPS tracker can do and more.

Yesterday I met a very stressed woman, that kind of woman who’s going through hard times and is having trouble getting by in life. She was very beautiful: blonde, a bit short, but endowed with light gray, dreamy, piercing eyes. In her long hair there was just a single hair clip holding back her locks on the right side. A sort of navy blue fur shawl was wrapped around her, which gave a cat-like appearance, or rather a cat protecting her young. A light brown leather bag was hanging from her left arm.

And seeing as we’re talking about such felines, while talking over coffee, this young mother told me a bit about her life: the fact that she was going through a divorce and that she was having trouble dealing with her two daughters, nearly teenagers, who were really giving her a hard time. Her daughters were using the situation to live life their way, going out with the very boys they should avoid, and the mother was very scared that her children were taking a bad turn. Despite her very difficult life, she only had one true concern: that her daughters, too, would end up ruining their futures. Then her gray eyes lit up.

Track Train

⇒ Getting BibiSpy

Following phone your children’s phone activity using a simple GPS tracker

Her gray eyes lit up when she confessed that she’d finally found a solution to the problem with her daughters; she then put her her big light brown purse on the table, opened it, and took out her small smartphone, connected to the internet.

She turned it on and showed me that she had installed a little application named BibiSpy on her phone but also on her two daughters’ phones, which lets you spy on a mobile phone.

Once you’ve installed this application on the targeted phone, you can monitor it from your computer or your own smartphone.

You have undetectable access:

  1. to all texts exchanged by the device
  2. to call monitoring info
  3. to the geographical location of the targeted phone
  4. to photos taken by the device, and even emails sent

Monitoring a phone’s geographical location

In short, comprehensive monitoring, worthy of a GPS tracker, which lets you spy on the device’s actions. She had asked for permission from her two children to record their conversations, and she admitted that this simple program installed on her childrens’ phones let her sleep soundly at night.

Everyday, she’d check on her childrens’ activity. Just goes to show you that cutting edge technology isn’t necessarily hard to install. This young mother, during her divorce, appeared to be very intelligent.


The top application to spy on a smartphone :

  • — BIBIspy — Text messages, calls, GPS & more : safe cellphone monitoring
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