Is this comic strip for or against geeks?

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a fan of the comic strip for geeks, “The Joy of Tech“. The strip I’m touching on in this article today can be read freely at this address:, and it left a mark on me for various reasons. First off, here’s an image of it:

For or against geeks

Artificial means of communication

  • First off, this comic strip uses few words and few pictures to express a fact about society that we’re all branded with: we’ve become dependent on computerized means of communication to a greater or lesser degree, that’s a fact.
  • By bringing up the various ways offered to us for contacting our friends (social networks, emails, texting, etc.), the author highlights the fact that many of these methods are redundant and in the end are used for the same thing.
  • More ironically, the strip points a finger at us by saying, between the lines, that we don’t necessarily need all these technological advancements to say hello or wish someone a happy birthday.

No need for Twitter or sending an email for someone’s birthday: why not quite simply go meet up with the person, kiss them or hug them, and tell just tell them that we love them?

Certain people may miss the physical contact we lack nowadays, primarily those who enjoyed it in the old days and don’t have it anymore. It’s the same principle for dance; gone are the tango and the waltz, where we felt the breath and breathing of person we were dancing with, man or woman. Today, touching has quickly become taboo; we quickly feel embarrassed, even though, conversely, pornographic movies are becoming more and more explicit on our screens.

Surfing porn on Android

The virtual is taking away human contact

The clear moral of this story is: our high tech screens claim to be more and more free of complexes while we ourselves, subject to the virtual, have more and more complexes and are becoming more and more removed from the truth.

A program like Bibispy, a spy application for cellphones, may be one of those technological advances that turns against the very inventors of these technologies.

In all of this, the humans will be victorious, because nothing is than feelings. Not even machines.