We sometimes see people complaining of having made a mistake in their purchase when looking for good phone espionage software. The following tips apply whether you are looking for free espionage software equipment or complicated equipment. In order to make you avoid such a waste of money, here are 6 points that you should be careful with before purchasing espionage software to install on the phone you want to spy:

1/ Read the instructions and the user manual

Before you jump into buying, take time to read the instructions. In many cases, this is where the problem lies. If you do not know how to go about installing the espionage software on the phone, what is the point of paying to download it? As a general rule, espionage software is not installed the same way on an iPhone as in a Blackberry or an Android, this must be explained, or otherwise you will be quickly lost. As part of the espionage software advised by me on this blog (Bibispy if you wish to follow), I gathered some explanatory articles that I made for installation in the FAQ at the top right of the blog.

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Once you purchase it, please follow the steps outlined, although it’s not complicated. Basically, the rules are always the same: You download the application on the target phone, you install it, and then you forget it. Then you just simply go online and view online the tracking and data from the phone, all at a distance, without anyone detecting anything!

Finally, check that an ‘after sales’ support team is available to guide you in case of a problem.

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2/ Do not get confused in choosing the software

Choose your espionage software according to your needs. You don’t need software that will record your voice if you want to get written proof you can use later in court. The SMS exchange, schedules, and nicknames, as well as phone calls, emails and the content of the GPS positions of the individual are generally well enough to achieve your objective. Software that is too complicated will be automatically more expensive and perhaps more difficult to implement. After all, it’s your choice. The important thing is to choose the application that suits you.

3/ Check the return policy

Make sure the provider of the spyware (Plimus with Bibispy), offers a refund policy worthy of the name. A company selling reliable espionage software should be confident enough of its product to fully reimburse the customer for malfunctioning. Do not waste your energy with companies that do not offer a guarantee of at least one month, especially since none of it is immune to malfunction due to either the phone model, or the location of the user (in France, Canada, Quebec, and Switzerland, telephone operators are not the same).

If the supplier has a good after sales support, but the problem persists, to be refunded is the least that can be done.

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4/ Check the list of compatible phones before buying

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Have a look at the phones supported by the software. Make sure that the type and model of your smartphone are compatible, such as in the page: https://www.bibispy.net/en/help/

Before you start, check the brand and the operating system of your target phone. To know the difference between an iPhone and a Blackberry is quite easy because of their design, but sometimes it’s more difficult for example when one is faced with a Samsung SCH i760 mobile or Motorola Q cell phone. If in doubt, there are two solutions:

  • – see if the model is shown in the list of the spyware
  • – email to the support team of the software.

Sometimes the list of compatible phones is not updated; in this case, you must go directly to the vendor’s site to see if their list is out of date.

5/ Make sure you can install it

You will need at one time or another, to have at hand the device in order to install the espionage application above. Some customers forget that and ask the question after it is purchased. Espionage software is simply a small program to download and install on the device, without the installation, spying will not work.

You must be able to get to the phone’s web browser and navigate, always from the smartphone, with an address from which you download the software. If you can’t go on the internet with the phone, there are big chances that you won’t be able to install this espionage software ! Another solution would be to give the target phone with the espionage software already installed.

6/ Compare prices

Bibispy costs 34,95 euro and I have not seen quality espionage software at a lower price (I have not yet found free espionage software !). But, in any case, whatever your choice and your needs may be, the Internet is there to compare.