Is it possible to bypass the iPhone’s paying security system? thumbnail

The iPhone's qualities Apple has distinguished itself with its products' innovative concepts and impeccable execution, the iPhone being a good example. But this company has also distinguished itself with an "all-pay" system that bothers PC users and people who like to fiddle with and take advantage of open-source, which is by definition free. That's why [...]

Software to find and protect a stolen cellphone thumbnail

Bibi Spy: Find and protect a stolen cellphone With the innumerable technological advances of smartphones, our phones are increasing in value and becoming essential parts of our lives: they're used in communication but now they're encroaching on tasks formerly reserved for computers Getting our cellphone stolen is getting part of our confidential information, part of [...]

My passion for movie Leon thumbnail

My passion for movies regularly gives me the urge to rewatch my classics. Today I rewatched LEON by Luc Besson, starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman. This movie possesses a PLASTIC visual beauty that never fails to grab you. There is anxiety present from start to finish, and this at the very beginning when the [...]

A simple application that you install on your Iphone to avoid losing it thumbnail

Click on the "Locating your lost phone" category for a description of the program "BibiSpy;" it's actually a simple application that you install on your phone to avoid losing it afterwards, to identify the thief, locate him, and find the device again easily (see ). Today we will give a step-by-step explanation of how to [...]

Astounding how a child can lie to his parents thumbnail

Lying to your parents It's scary how a boy can lie to his mom or dad as soon as he's old enough to do it. Mine, like many others, shamelessly tried to hide from me: - his girlfriend - his habits of drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs - the meetups he'd have with "clients" [...]

Being a victim or being in control in life: which camp do you choose? thumbnail

Have you ever noticed the terrible injustice that we ourselves create among men and women? What I mean is, examine how a company will react to a superior or even the head of the company: they'll pamper him, accommodate him at a great cost, with pomp and circumstance, in a room fit for a king, [...]

6 things to check before you buy your phone espionage software thumbnail

We sometimes see people complaining of having made a mistake in their purchase when looking for good phone espionage software. The following tips apply whether you are looking for free espionage software equipment or complicated equipment. In order to make you avoid such a waste of money, here are 6 points that you should be [...]

Want to know how to locate a cell phone? thumbnail

Find a cell phone We explained in the following test: "the best spyware for cellphones", the functionalities of BIBIspy, the espionage software that enables remote monitoring of a mobile phone or smartphone. And now we explain HOW this software can be helpful in our everyday life. Some people, who download the phone application, sometimes want to [...]

Stop talking – miniature

Do you have to trust those around you? Article video :) Please click on Like in Youtube ! Espionage in the movie Edge of Darkness In movies like Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson (review on, we are shown espionage in detail: men and women who know they're being spied on in their daily life, [...]