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Do you have to trust those around you? Article video :) Please click on Like in Youtube ! Espionage in the movie Edge of Darkness In movies like Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson (review on, we are shown espionage in detail: men and women who know they're being spied on in their daily life, [...]

Three steps to win back your wife thumbnail

At a certain age, it's hard to be sure whether or not your partner still loves you Especially when it's a remarriage Especially when there's an age difference Especially when you're tired from having searched your whole life without finding true love Two conclusions result 1) True love doesn't exist, it's a goal we run after [...]

Locate your beloved, even in Shanghai thumbnail

I have already mentioned my stay in China and my cottage getaway in a completely environmentally friendly, wooden cottage on the treetops. Last week, the end of my stay in France approached, since I left a few days later. Being in China, for a business trip, I was in the huge house of Johnnie Walker [...]

Lies and dangerous games of our children thumbnail

1 - Lying to your parents It's scary how a boy can lie to his mom or dad as soon as he's old enough to do it. Mine, like many others, shamelessly tried to hide from me:  his girlfriend  his habits of drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs the meetups he'd have with "clients" to [...]

Be perceptive rather than naive thumbnail

Being a victim or being in control in life: which camp do you choose? Power makes an impression Have you ever noticed the terrible injustice that we ourselves create among men and women? What I mean is, examine how a company will react to a superior or even the head of the company: they'll pamper [...]

What should I do if someone steals my cellphone? thumbnail

We often aren't familiar with our rights; yet it's important to be because it often conditions our actions in our everyday life. For example, in cases where our cellphone is stolen, we don't always know how to react or what to do. Let's examine what to do a little bit. 1. Block your phone line [...]

Why look elsewhere for something right next to you? thumbnail

Why look elsewhere for something right next to you? Many times we look far away for something that's in reality very nearby. This isn't a new saying, but I remembered it while lying in bed, staring blankly at the portrait of my ex-wife... which unfortunately I'd forgotten about during the divorce. While I'd looked everywhere [...]

Fight or flight response? thumbnail

The film Harry Brown with Michael Caine Have you seen the movie Harry Brown with Michael Caine? It's about some young people from suburbs riddled with drugs and violence who assault retirees, until one of these retirees rebels against the system that protects criminals but not victims. When you're faced with these kinds of violent [...]

Are we all spies in our daily life? thumbnail

Espionage in our everyday life Espionage is commonly defined as the act of monitoring a human being from a distance, far from him, without him noticing. This definition forgets that most of the time we ourselves are spied on by the people surrounding us: our close friends our family people that are jealous of us [...]

Spy4m, major spyphone product

Spy4m an espionage software

... that can monitor the activity of a phone running based on Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry.
Once you have installed the software on the smartphone, you just have to visit your online account.
Here, you can access all of the information on this phone.

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