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Tracking software are like tools thumbnail

Do you seek a phone software ?  Software to trace a mobile are tools that offer features you need to know to use.

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Finding missing people When we learn about disappearances, we think that a spy program like SpyBubble, installed on the individual's cell phone, would surely allow us to be able to find them. SpyBubble is a mobile application that indicates where the phone's owner is by sending out his GPS position. Provided with your username and ... [Read more]

Would you rather learn the truth or prefer not to know it? thumbnail

Sometimes, when we're confronted with a choice between light and darkness, between knowledge and ignorance, we hesitate because we're scared to really know the truth. I'm thinking of a cell phone spy, which allows you to spy on or monitor an individual by means of his cell phone. Once this mobile application is installed on ... [Read more]

Who’s spying on me what and are the methods of spying? thumbnail

Last week someone was telling me about the fear and paranoia he'd been a victim of for several months, several years even. He was convinced that he was being spied on, and when he found himself alone in his room, especially in the evening, he'd start imagining that spy devices were hidden in the room: ... [Read more]

How to get to know someone by his photography thumbnail

An undervalued function of the spyware SpyBubble There's a function of SpyBubble that is often underestimated by its users, which consists of sending photos taken on the monitored phone back to you.  Some may wonder: How is this function appropriate for a phone tracker ? In what way can knowing what photos an individual takes ... [Read more]

Spyware is useful for many different purposes thumbnail

  Spyware is useful for many different purposes : to identify a phone, know where it is, or listen to the calls and texts.

private investigator 2

I wonder why my wife and I love detective films, but not modern thrillers: only detective films about private investigators like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. I really wonder why we like to watch detectives solve riddles and mysteries and not car chases like Americans. Is it because we don't like violence? Is it because ... [Read more]

Wife with phone

My ex-wife, I remember, tried to get me drunk so she could snoop on my actions and know everything about my double life. I remember that day like it was yesterday: she'd prepared a romantic dinner for me at home, based around my favorite champagne, aged and dry. Far be it from me to advertise ... [Read more]

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